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Dress up Lizzie as she plays with her brand new iPad.

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  • Working dress up

    Working dress up

    Working in an office all day long can sometimes get a bit boring. Katrina in this game has had enough of (...)
  • Angelina Ballerina

    Angelina Ballerina

    Have you always dreamed of being a ballerina, just like Angelina Ballerina? Well in this game you can be (...)
  • Sunbathing on the Yacht

    Sunbathing on the Yacht

    Laila cannot believe her luck! She entered a competition months ago to win a holiday with her favorite (...)
  • A Billionaire’s Daughter

    A Billionaire’s Daughter

    Amelia is an orphan, but just last week, she was collected by a great couple who love her very much. (...)
  • Free Cheerleader Game

    Free Cheerleader Game

    Sam has wanted to be a cheerleader all her life. She practised day and night to learn all kinds of (...)
  • Garden Girl Dress Up

    Garden Girl Dress Up

    When the sun is shining, there’s nothing April likes more than spending the day in her garden, relaxing on (...)
  • Dress Up a Kitten

    Dress Up a Kitten

    It’s not every day that we can dress up a cat as cute as Meow! This little kitten is only a few months (...)
  • Dress An Elegant Cat

    Dress An Elegant Cat

    Cats are so sophisticated, don’t you think? They are beautiful, elegant and often very full of themselves! (...)
  • Pearlies


    Do you love mermaids, marine life and all things under the sea? Then you’re sure to love the Pearlies! (...)
  • New years party

    new years party

    Did you go to a new years party this year? With friends? With family? With a boyfriend? This girl saw (...)
  • Cute Clown Dress Up

    Cute Clown Dress Up

    Harold the clown is the biggest act in the circus. People come from miles around to see him perform, and (...)
  • Filly Unicorn

    Filly Unicorn

    Do you dream of living in a fairytale land full of unicorns, centaurs and other magical creatures? If so, (...)

Dress up Lizzie as she plays with her brand new iPad.

Lizzie is so lucky! She’s just turned 13, and her parents have given her her very own iPad for her birthday. She’s super excited to start playing our girls’ games on it! Dress up the birthday girl as she plays with her new tablet in this fun game for girls.

Choose a cute top and pants or a dress for Lizzie to wear as she chills in her bedroom, then add accessories, birthday presents and a drink for her to sip on as she plays dress up games and girl games on her iPad. Have you got your own iPad, phone or tablet? Come and tell us all about it in the forums!

iPad Games

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