Ellie at the Carnival

Help Ellie find a super costume!

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Help Ellie find a super costume!

Ellie has been picked out to play the lead role in the town carnival! She’ll be up on stage with all of her friends, playing the most important character. All her family and lots of her other friends will be watching too, so she’s really quite nervous!

She needs to pick out a costume for the performance, but it’s not mportant which one - she can dress up as anything she wants. Maybe a bunny rebbit, a warrior, a cheerleader or even a fairy...there are so many costumes and they are all fantastic!

Help Ellie try on all the costumes - try some with different wigs or accessories, and see what she looks like with different shoes and boots on too! It’s all a part of the overall look!

Have fun!

Ellie at the Carnival

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