Dress Up Baby Twins

Get baby twins ready for bed in this dress up game!

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Get baby twins ready for bed in this dress up game!

Baby games are always tons of fun! Whether you have a baby brother or sister at home or not, you can’t help but love those cute faces! In this baby dress up game you’ll be playing with not one little kid, but two! Georgie and Ollie are adorable little twins who do everything together. They’ve had a really busy day tottering around the park and playing in the nursery, and now they’re very sleepy. Can you get them ready for bed in this twins dress up game?

Like many of our girls’ games, you can dress this baby boy and baby girl in any way you want. You could match their hats, booties and pacifiers to their sleepsuits, or mix up lots of different colors – it’s totally up to you! You can even decorate the nursery or the park, just like our decorating games! Have fun dressing up the twins in this girls’ game, and check out the rest of the baby games on the site for lots more fun!

Dress Up Baby Twins

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Dress Up Baby Twins comments from girls:

madline5 madline5 12.10.2012 à 18:37
never mind wat i said it acualy a good game i like it since i got to play it is just slow at loading
madline5 madline5 12.10.2012 à 18:34
dont ever play this game it is slow at loading and i dont like it or it might just be my computer

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