Dress up a mermaid

This pretty mermaid needs a new look!

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This pretty mermaid needs a new look!

If you love dress up games then this new mermaid dress up for girls is really for you. It’s a totally different type of dress up because instead of choosing trousers, skirts and shoes, you’ll be choosing a tail instead!

There are some really fun ways to dress up this very beautiful mermaid, and she has some stunning tails and shell bikini’s to wear too. Her hair has many colours and styles to finish off the look so that she’ll find her prince eric, just like Ariel!

Dress up a mermaid

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  • Spiritual
  • Icymabel
  • Loppop90
  • Tiyonna15
  • Naiyaaosopre
  • AugustineJay
  • IceQueen020
  • Angana
  • AnnMarieClem

Dress up a mermaid comments from girls:

talor_swift talor_swift 02.07.2013 à 13:54
i don't like this sometimes because its a bit boring and sometimes its fun!!!!
magnet magnet 03.03.2013 à 13:45
i love playing hidoll dont you? its so so fun!!! hi doll is the best game in the world
Mindless_Gurll_ Mindless_Gurll_ 31.05.2012 à 20:34
Wassup, im new on here and i need some friends, can yall add me on here.? Thank you.!
alexara21 alexara21 27.04.2012 à 2:40
this game ! i am gonna be a mermaid REAL soon! My friend and i are making mermaid tails!
lilygirl123 lilygirl123 21.03.2012 à 2:33
this game is not my favorite but its not bad its the firsyt game i played here
bubblegumROCKS bubblegumROCKS 30.12.2011 à 18:20
This game is cool and i saw part one of breaking dawn in the theaters and Bella has a baby and it is a girl and her name is Renesamay.Jacob grew a thing on his upper lip and Edward breaks the bed during there honeymoon.Am i spoiling the movie?Sorry if i am.
Emilie550552 Emilie550552 25.11.2011 à 2:09
I love this game and i also love twilight the only movie i have is twilight new moon and i want to see twilight breaking dawn im also writting stories about vampires the movie im writting is our vamire secret
crystal199 crystal199 24.11.2011 à 23:10
hello crystal199 here i love this game it is nice (if i was a memaid i whould pick the one that i picked they should have more games similar to this) wonderfull game hope the next game i like
cookiemonster061199 cookiemonster061199 14.10.2011 à 0:22
heyy i love twilight u can tell by my pic omg guess wat mi room is twilight my bathroom is twilight and mi car is twilight

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