Make beautiful flower bouquets

Learn how to be a real florist in this lovely game for girls who love flowers!

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Learn how to be a real florist in this lovely game for girls who love flowers!

All florists love playing girls games. Indeed, thanks to lovely kind florists like this one, you can learn to create beautiful bouquets of flowers. To do this, with your mouse, grab the flowers that you like and place them in the basket. You can then make them bigger or smaller. You can also tilt them to the right or left depending on the way in which you want to create your bouquet, or you can even reverse their direction. Do not forget to add some foliage to enhance your bouquet and make it even more beautiful.

You can create as many bouquets of flowers as you like in this free flower game for girls who love nature. If your friends love flowers like you do why not give them the address of so that they can play with you! Don’t forget there are also cooking games, make up games, decoration games and lots more!

Make beautiful flower bouquets

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Make beautiful flower bouquets comments from girls:

Eryn Church Eryn Church 06.07.2009 à 9:13
I think this game is good but not as good as some of the great games i have played on this amazing website!!!

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