Decorate Louise’s Bathroom

Decorate Louise’s lovely bathroom so it looks really neat!

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Decorate Louise’s lovely bathroom so it looks really neat!

Louise has a really beautiful bathroom - it’s really luxurious, with a big bath, a comfy chair and lots of fabulous products to make her look and smell really great!

In this game for girls, Louise needs you to help her reorganise the bathroom - she’s left it to get messy for a really long time and now she just doesn’t know where anything is meant to go!

Can you help her?

Start with the really big things like the bath and the chair, and then move around the smaller things afterwards, when you know where you want them all to go!

Don’t take too long because Louise is in her towel and you wouldn’t want her getting too cold.

Decorate Louise’s Bathroom

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Decorate Louise’s Bathroom comments from girls:

Susielo Susielo 07.02.2011 à 23:58
This game is a little bit cool.

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