Decorate a house game

Decorate the house for these two students!

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Decorate the house for these two students!

In the latest of our decoration games, Matilda and Chloe are both very nice girls who have just moved into a new house they have decided to share in this decoration game. Each has her own room but they share the other rooms in the house.

Neither has ever lived away from home before though, so they are not sure how to decorate or how to arrange their furniture at all. Can you help these two lovely students in this decorating game?

Decorate a house game

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Decorate a house game comments from girls:

mymy2bossy247 mymy2bossy247 23.04.2011 à 17:15
i like this game but the purple room doesn't have alot
lily67 lily67 26.09.2010 à 13:04
this game is the best!!!!1

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