Cinderella’s Palace Game

Decorate a whole castle for princess Cinderella

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How to play the game "Cinderella’s Palace Game"?

In all the fairy tales you’ve ever heard, the prince and princess always have a beautiful big castle, with lots and lots of rooms, and turrets. Well in this game you can design a whole catle by yourself! You’ve even got a horse drawn carriage waiting outside when you are finished! Read more

Start by thinking about all the rooms, before moving anything - where do you want your bathroom to be? and your kitchen? what about the bedroom? And then what rooms are left - what do you want to be in these rooms? Onc eyou’ve worked it all out in your head, start filling up the rooms with the furniture.

This game is really fun because it’s not just a room that you can decorate - it’s a whole castle! Why don’t you click "send to a friend", and let your friends play this game too. Then you can caompare designs and see if you had the same ideas, or if you were totally different!!



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saahijane saahijane 16 October 2011 at 09:31
nice game but small screen sometimes boaring too i dont know how you will feel about this game but good to try yourself
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