Charlotte, a shy girl Game

Help Charlotte to bypass her shyness by learning about make up!

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Charlotte, a shy girl Game"?

Charlotte is so shy that she dares not develop an original style with her clothes, jewelry, makeup or hair. She loves to go unnoticed among the crowd. But shes now lost a bet with her girlfriend, and she must head off into the city to get a new look that is very pretty and original. Her friends hope that it will meet a boy who’ll fall in love with her. Read more

In this makeup game you’ll have to do everything to make her look really exceptional so that she’ll be noticed. To finish this beauty game, you have accessories at your disposal to make Charlotte a really beautiful city girl.



Charlotte, a shy girl is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave make up games!

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yoyopanda195 6 September 2011 at 00:43
I love this game! She's so cute! I really love the clothes!!!!
Kathryn 12 August 2009 at 09:47
It's an okay game.
yvonne 31 July 2009 at 16:58
this game was super cool and of course i would play these games forever!!!
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