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Can you makeover Barbie in this super girls game?

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  • Doctor Barbie

    Doctor Barbie

    Oh dear, Barbie’s not looking her usual beautiful self! She’s been feeling a bit under the weather (...)
  • Architect Barbie Dress Up

    Architect Barbie Dress (...)

    Girls, we’re sure you know by now that Barbie is a big fan of fashion. She is always prepared for any (...)
  • Barbie’s Day At Monster High

    Barbie’s Day At Monster (...)

    Are you a fan of Monster High? Everyone’s going crazy for the cool dolls and funny cartoon, even Barbie! (...)
  • Barbie games

    Barbie games

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  • Ice Cream With Barbie

    Ice Cream With Barbie

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  • Fun Barbie Kissing Game

    Fun Barbie Kissing Game

    Mwah! Is there any couple in the world more famous than Barbie and Ken? Of course not. In this free (...)
  • Barbie in Paris

    Barbie in Paris

    Do you know what they call Paris? ‘The City of Lights’. Barbie wants to go there to see the lights, and all (...)
  • Fairy Barbie Cake

    Fairy Barbie Cake

    Raquel asked for fairy Barbie for her birthday, but, her parents are taking things to the next level. (...)
  • Barbie’s Princess Dresses

    Barbie’s Princess Dresses

    OMG, it’s the night of Princess Barbie’s grand ball! Barbie is super excited. She’s been planning this night (...)
  • Barbie’s Wedding Panic

    Barbie’s Wedding Panic

    Uh oh...Barbie is freaking out on one of the most important days of her life...her wedding day! Instead (...)
  • Barbie in New York

    Barbie in New York

    Did you know that Barbie moved to New York? Yes, you heard right. The famous doll has had enough of her (...)
  • Barbie’s Horse

    Barbie’s Horse

    Do you have tons of Barbie dolls at home? If you’ve been collecting and playing with Barbie since you were (...)

Can you makeover Barbie in this super girls game?

Barbie girl games are fun if you know and love barbie...and really, who doesn’t? This is a very complete game for girls, and it’s also a barbie game. As in all makeover games you’ll be able to change the color of Barbie’s hair and her hairstyle and even the color of her skin. Use your cursor to create new colors or use those that are given to you. You’ll also need to give her make up to add color to her eyes. Give her mascara, eyeliner, lipstick or eyeshadow.

To complete this Barbie makeover game, there are loads of accessories for you to give Barbie to make her the most beautiful in all the girl games. Once you finish this Barbie game you can see the result appear on the cover of a magazine that you can then print. If you love Barbie games, there are many more girls games like it, just waiting for you on the site.

Makeover Barbie games

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Makeover Barbie games comments from girls:

Hijab5010 Hijab5010 27.07.2013 à 8:21
i it it very awesome game hidolls are awesome nd barbie are awesome too nd beautiful i
nastexa nastexa 20.03.2013 à 22:57
my name is nastexa and when i grow up i want to be a fashoin star thets my dream barie
eisya eisya 10.03.2013 à 12:25
this games was so boredi hope i can play more best games at my games 4girls.but,whatever my games 4girls is still interesthing and,,,fighthing!!!!
EspressoChild EspressoChild 06.02.2013 à 3:03
Wow, I can't believe this game is still around. I played this when it first came out over 10 years ago.
naisha303 naisha303 28.01.2013 à 22:50
this game is fun. i gave it 5 out of 5.what did you give this game?please comment back thanks. oh and send me a friend request.thanks
paigersmile paigersmile 20.01.2013 à 4:49
I love this game so much i could play it all day well, i would get a little bord of it
rockstar92354 rockstar92354 07.09.2012 à 15:36
:->super duper cool one i love barbie! number 1 cool.wh:->
saroo saroo 07.09.2012 à 8:33
hey people my name is saroo ad i am a devil:-> everyone is afraid of me:->
saroo saroo 07.09.2012 à 8:28
hey people my name is saroo ad i am a devil:-> everyone is afraid of me:->
babyolive babyolive 08.08.2012 à 6:39
hi nice to meet you all and greetings to everyone everyone bvhisdufnhswnfwabfuiawnhuifnhsuif
Bloomix Bloomix 06.08.2012 à 17:21
i love barbie! ps: add me ppl,plz ineed friends ok ilike barbie!!!
gorgia gorgia 04.08.2012 à 21:46
if you would like to be my freind you could it doesnt matter who is but i woud like some feinds
elliehoran elliehoran 24.07.2012 à 22:17
who likes one direction cause if good job if you hate them bad job and this is whats not fair my brother having a ton of friends over and i cant but the good news are i get to play mine crafted
elliehoran elliehoran 24.07.2012 à 22:15
who likes one direction cause if good job if you hate them bad job and this is whats not fair my brother having a ton of friends over and i cant but the good news are i get to play mine crafted
lily365 lily365 24.07.2012 à 20:14
its not my favorite but i used to play with barbies and it was really fun
lol_me lol_me 23.07.2012 à 19:44
and i use to hate barbie it was fun! but other games are fun too and every game.
mikibear2001 mikibear2001 21.07.2012 à 3:12
It alright even though i dont like barbie? blah blah blah blah i am so bored
vaul123 vaul123 30.06.2012 à 13:17
wow i saw this on barbie .com ps i this game somuch
daisychiftly daisychiftly 17.06.2012 à 5:45
I love this game but I think my schedule 4 netbook is saturday ,sunday and friday only daddy said
FloraMayJones FloraMayJones 05.06.2012 à 17:59
hahhaha this game is so cute haha lol xxx when i was little i used to love barbie and i still do , im 16 years old , she's my idol if u saw me in real life u wuold think im barbie , i do my makeup like barbie , my tan , my clothes everything
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