A house for dogs Game

Decorate the interior of this animal home

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How to play the game "A house for dogs Game"?

In this great little house for dogs, he animals live just like humans. They have sofas and chairs and tables and all sorts of interesting things. For this dog game and decoration game, you’ll need to arrange all the furniture and other things in their house, so that everything fits in, and it all looks neat and tidy. There are lights, TVs, furniture, carpets and so many more things to play around with, and move anywhere you want. Read more

You’ll even need to organize the dogs too – put the big dogs where there’s lots of space, and maybe you can put the little dogs on the sofa or the chairs where they can be cozy and warm. There are lots of other decoration games and animal games on mygames4girls.com so why not leave a message for the other girls to see, and then go and find another great game for girls!


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Shopaholic 6 March 2009 at 09:13
it was a great game but a little hard cause you don't no where to put the things cause you don't have room
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