A Ballet Dancer To Dress Game

Dress this ballet dancer in a stunning outfit for her big show!

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How to play the game "A Ballet Dancer To Dress Game"?

Ballet is a type of dance that originally comes from France but has become really popular now all over the world. It’s very technical and people train for years and years before they are good enough to be in the big shows! Normally people do ballet to classical music but now this is starting to change and people dance to modern music too! Vicky is a ballet dancer and like other dancers she has trained for a long long time. Read more

Tonight is the first night that Vicky will perform her dancing in front of a large audience, so she’s already pretty nervous. She has some wonderful ballet dresses, jewelery, wigs, shoes and plenty of make up, but what she needs is you to help her put it all together to make one fantastic outfit! Her audience is already starting to arrive though so don’t take too long!



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jenniyah jenniyah 1 June 2012 at 22:51
it is very fun to play you should try it you will like it i like it because it is a cool site for girls an done day they should make another one
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