Cancer Horoscope Sign

Come out of your shell, Cancer, to find out what your sign holds for you. Astrology girls know all about the zodiac and horoscopes, do you?

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jamieacarmine jamieacarmine 2 June 2015 at 03:37 awww im a cancer gal just don't go over my limit. but im stil nice.
kiearra1700 kiearra1700 1 December 2013 at 04:29 im a cancer and im fun to be around just dont get me mad.
lovepink2506 lovepink2506 10 July 2013 at 15:22 YEY... i love my sign, i cant show how good i fell now when i reade this, love u all...
Bloom88 Bloom88 27 May 2013 at 07:20 yup!!!! this is so true guys!!! just in the last time we've talked together he said he really loves me!!! his name is josh!!! but now i'm so sad that he's transferring to another school!!!! thanks 4 listening!!!
dodolicaa dodolicaa 24 May 2013 at 12:34 da eu sunt rac si carebi faza ta si da tu nu si ma simp bine cu asta
iluvsydney2002 iluvsydney2002 13 April 2013 at 16:01 OMG! im gonna start my new school at july! thats my sign! this is cool
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