A Whole Family to Dress Up Game

Find some nice outfits for all the family!

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How to play the game "A Whole Family to Dress Up Game"?

This game is all about Mr and Mrs Smith, and their daughter Laila. In this game the nice family have gone on holiday. They are all in New York for two weeks, staying in a lovely hotel. Today they are going for a day trip to a local nature park with lots of animals and flowers and other fun things to do! Read more

They have all packed lots of clothes and accessories too, but can you help them each pick out a great outfit for today from their suitcases? There are some lovely wigs in the suitcases too, so if you want to give them a great new makeover, you can!

Try thinking about when you were last on holiday...what did you like to wear? Have fun with this game for girls only!



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