The Cutest Dogs Online

Get ready for an overdose of sweetness! These puppies are too adorable!

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These super cute pictures of dogs will melt even the coldest of hearts...

5. An adventure on all fours

With that little red neckerchief, this dog would be fit to attend a wedding!

4. As fierce as a bull...

We think not! He looks so wrinkly and soft, don’t you just want to hug him?

3. Hair ball hugs

Is it a lamb? Is it a polar bear? No, it’s a soft, furry pooch that seems to scream "Hold me!"

2. Canine racer

Even at full speed, this little guy is adorable. Look at his little eyes squinting in the wind!

1. Don’t lose your head...

This could not be cuter! He seems a little worried or bored...he must need someone to play with! Or at least someone to care for him!

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