Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

The next Equestria Girls movie is due for release in Fall 2014.

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Calling all Equestria Girls fans! We heard it from the horse’s mouth...there’s going to be a new Equestria Girls movie! It’s due for release in Fall 2014, and will be called Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Rock On!

This news is totally, well, new, so we’re not sure what’s in store. However, we do know that it involves a Battle of the Bands, and Pinkie Pie playing the drums. Can you guess who’s on lead vocals? Watch the trailer further down!

Friendship is Magic

We’re not sure the movie’s going to be able to compete with the amazing TV series, or even the first movie, but we hope there’ll be just as much fun, friendship and adventure (not to mention awesome songs that we can sing along to)!

Watch the Rainbow Rocks trailer:

We love it already! Shake your tail ’cos we’re gonna have a party tonight...