Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

4.7/5 - 142 votes
  • Sassynelly12
  • Lynda1
  • Genevieve
  • Chocolate_lo
  • Rabnzel
  • Titigirlprin
  • Katana7700
  • Ek636
  • Elsa6129
  • Shortie2425

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend comments from girls:

swankiness swankiness 26.03.2013 à 17:16
JUSTIN! JUSTIN! JUSTIN I was with you when i was younger and i stopped but iam with you one this one Ah!!!! hey have any of you noticed that his face looks like a baby's it probably feels like one to! LOL
tymoney tymoney 19.10.2012 à 6:19
i hate justin bieber but luv dis song he is so ugly i only like two songs of his and dey r babi and bf which is dis
Annas Annas 11.10.2012 à 5:00
justin bieber is the most awsome person i ever saw and fun and have nice pranks and cant be prank xoxo
mizzswagmeout mizzswagmeout 23.09.2012 à 19:06
to much to much dont like no more ugly love you thank you too justin love too fafafafafafafafafafa
najma13 najma13 22.09.2012 à 14:46
that is the beast song and his all songs i love justin biber i hate selan gomez i want to kill her
beyounce123 beyounce123 18.09.2012 à 1:11
that song is the bestand .I like how he mixedup with hood singing and girl singing
mizstephanie mizstephanie 17.08.2012 à 16:01
i like this song its a good Justin Bieber but i don't like him hey it's trueeee
lanyero lanyero 02.07.2012 à 21:36
i love u jb! your the most fav celeb ever! everyone in my family loves u
crazydalila crazydalila 29.06.2012 à 3:55
justin Bieber is so cute and my couzin loves him so much i met him before and he rocks at singing i love his style i have 36 of his posters
fashiongirl3807 fashiongirl3807 26.06.2012 à 22:52
he is so cute my brother also likes him to by the way don't tell anybody this, my sister wants to marry him and i was like no way u could marrying him
babygirl5555 babygirl5555 16.06.2012 à 4:05
this JUSTIN BEIBER guy is awesome .And he also loves us girls.And he is going out with Selena Gomez.I CANT BELIEVE IT THAT IS AWESOME.
BellaSwan1212 BellaSwan1212 04.06.2012 à 16:42
OMG...I am like the biggest fan of JB he is great, Selena Gomez is so lucky to have him, and this song is amazing such as all of his songs, JB'S VOICE ROCKS MY EARS!!
jenjen1029 jenjen1029 29.05.2012 à 17:14
i love jb my name is jennifer bieber he is so cute we have everything in common! hahaha
bieberfever123 bieberfever123 20.05.2012 à 21:38
hhes soooo cute i am miss janae mackinzie bieber i love dis song
PookieNorwood PookieNorwood 12.05.2012 à 7:01
he is sooo cute i luv u jb and i said if i waz ur girlfriend and i sung it 2 my crush and now were datin
Nayeli1357 Nayeli1357 03.05.2012 à 0:36
omg justin bieber is hot he is really cute i love his new song hi i love justin bieber justin bieber heee is so cute
princessstella princessstella 01.05.2012 à 9:16
OMG! justin bieber is so cute i am in love with him i mean there are so many girls who loves and the song boyfriend is awsome he rocks
Jazzy543 Jazzy543 28.04.2012 à 18:27
I love Justin Bieber so much.He is so adorable if you think he is cool and cute plz friend request me.
rissycat23 rissycat23 28.04.2012 à 14:32
i luv this song it is so awesome! i dont really lke jb anymore. i used to luv him and be like hes mine not anybody elses
marissa8526 marissa8526 25.04.2012 à 4:45
i think this is the best best song from him he is trieng to be a raper witch i think he should just stay the way he is ps he is so cute
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