My Fairy Tale Game

Help the other fairies to notice Doreen!

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How to play the game "My Fairy Tale Game"?

Have you ever read a fairy tale? You must have! And surely you remember fairies and their magical lives? Well, I bet you have never heard of Doreen the fairy. Doreen is a very special fairy in this girls’ dress up game...she is the night forest fairy. She gets more magic when the sun sets and is responsible for making sure the weeping willows take care of the foxes, owls and other night creatures. She also has to fly very high into the sky to make sure that the stars shine bright enough to light up the forest. Read more

Despite all this hard work, nobody has ever written a fairy tale about this little fairy. Poor Doreen! Everybody takes her hard work for granted in this girls’ dress up game, they think that the stars will just shine no matter what! It is your mission to help Doreen stand out in this fairy game for girls. Choose a dress, accessories and wings to make Doreen the envy of all the other fairies. We bet everybody in the forest will want to be her friend now! What a happy ending to Doreen’s story.



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