Mary-kate and Ashley

Make up these two twin sisters to give them different looks!

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Make up these two twin sisters to give them different looks!

Mary-Kate and Ashley are twin sisters, but they don’t really look much the same anymore – not since they were little girls. You have been chosen to help give both girls a new and individual look because they are tired of people always confusing them with one another. At the agency, they will also propose that you use any makeup that’s at your disposal, like lipstick, blusher, eye shadow and so on.

You can use colored lenses to really change the appearance of either one of the sisters. Using the tabs at the bottom of this make up game, you’ll discover a jewelry box that you can use to add finishing touches once your makeover is complete. You can see the before and after by clicking the "done" button at the bottom of the girls game.

Mary-kate and Ashley

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Mary-kate and Ashley comments from girls:

ElegantTiana ElegantTiana 27.05.2012 à 20:07
this game iz cool and plez add me thakx and u all should really play the game it iz real fun todles
Melissa Melissa 15.01.2012 à 22:51
nice game it is cool i love it do to any one accept me ok i need friends
raychelleshell raychelleshell 15.07.2011 à 2:33
it was okay
hermioneve hermioneve 08.05.2011 à 15:02
Great Game
star252 star252 02.01.2011 à 14:36
wow that is a good game

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