Hair Salon

Oh dear, there’s trouble in this hair salon !!!

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Oh dear, there’s trouble in this hair salon !!!

Hair games are always super fun to play, and this one is among the best of our hair dresser games! In this game for girls there’s trouble in the hair salon...the hair dressers are so boring, and Mr Bean needs your help to cause some chaos!!

Cause trouble in this hairdresser - every time the real hair dresser starts to do something else like have a drink or read a book, click on the customer to mess up his hair style. Keep your mouse button held down as long as you can without the hair dresser seeing you!

Hair Salon

4.3/5 - 3851 votes
  • Julianne452
  • Auntieart
  • Sparkles199
  • Mero10
  • Tealcutiepie
  • Shelby1
  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
  • Jessicaluvud
  • Loomqueen123

Hair Salon comments from girls:

peach2 peach2 22.11.2013 à 21:26
this game was realy,really,really,really,really,really,really,really really,really,really,really,reallly,really and guess what? REALLY BORING I got up to level 6 it wwas soo boring also PLZ ADD ME LOOKING FOR FRIENDS PLZ THANKS!
Sparkle03 Sparkle03 30.08.2013 à 19:22
this game was realy,really,really,really,really,really,really,really really,really,really,really,reallly,really and guess what? REALLY BORING I got up to level 6 it wwas soo boring also PLZ ADD ME LOOKING FOR FRIENDS PLZ THANKS!
hazzastyleswifey hazzastyleswifey 29.06.2013 à 5:00
put this on three of your fave games. then when you are done with that when ever you go to bed make three wishes the most. in two weeks you will start acting different and your wishes will come very very soon
sindy8003 sindy8003 17.05.2013 à 22:02
Mr bean!Go on youtube and search mr bean or mr bean animated series they are good!
Kiki122001 Kiki122001 29.03.2013 à 9:20
I love this game - went out on level 3 I wish they gave you instructions though. It was funny when the old mans hair become clown like and coloured
marioom2003 marioom2003 23.03.2013 à 15:22
yellergreenblue yellergreenblue 12.03.2013 à 22:19
i love love love this game!!!! i love love love messing up peoples hair!!!:->
princess3167 princess3167 27.01.2013 à 12:44
i think the bookis about his hair or something i am not sure i wonder any way its not the best game i have better ones ok peace out
amandapink24123 amandapink24123 22.12.2012 à 2:45
who reads a book wile there giving someone a hair cut WHAT that dosen't make any who agrees
butigirl12 butigirl12 04.12.2012 à 1:03
i love this game its so fun i can play it all day and night!i hope that my friends out there love it too!
libbieepaige libbieepaige 27.10.2012 à 22:25
well i got up 2 level 12 its so easy even a animal ca do it ts that so so so so simple
jessiej23 jessiej23 22.08.2012 à 18:26
Haha i beated u haha lol ur lame at this game Haha LMFAOO!!!
fizzylizzy fizzylizzy 07.08.2012 à 18:41
you might think it's stupid but for it's sooo easy!i counted in my head and i beat level one in 2:36 seconds. beat that!
minnie8 minnie8 10.05.2012 à 9:33
nice game,friends pleaze anyone send me friends request i am new please friends i am waiting
princessstella princessstella 22.04.2012 à 4:57
i like this game i cant belive at the end the boy gets bold hahahahahahahahahahahaha lol
BeaPretty BeaPretty 16.09.2011 à 15:11
I like this game. this game is awesome! i like Mr. Bean too this game is easy not hard and it's funny!
modelkayla modelkayla 13.08.2011 à 20:41
i dont exactly like it because it doesnt let you do the hair..there is a game like this its about dogs
ava_wilson_1 ava_wilson_1 13.06.2011 à 3:05
lol this game is kinda crazy the lil boy does not even now that some one else is doing his hair lol ! bUt I LiKe It!
princessdeja princessdeja 31.05.2011 à 19:39
this games is funny!!!!!!! woooooooow loooooooool!?
yaz4evacutie yaz4evacutie 18.05.2011 à 1:03
ZAYZIM u r rite its cool but awfully hard
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