Girls manicure game

Make the most beautiful nails for your clients!

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Make the most beautiful nails for your clients!

In manicure games and some other girls games like them, you’ll be able to let you go entirely and let your fantasies come true. Firstly, it is necessary that you determine the length of the nails that you want for your client by clicking on her fingers. Then you must choose a color of varnish among those proposed in girls nail games. Small pots on the right of the game contain rhinestones and patterns to put on your client’s nails.

If you wish to make a change on any single nail in this girls game, you can use the pen remover to erase what you want. By clicking on "dry" in the upper left of the game, you can admire the end result and check that there are no mistakes on your client’s nails at the end of our free girls games.

Girls manicure game

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Girls manicure game comments from girls:

nancyavila123 nancyavila123 19.01.2013 à 2:13
i love this game i put the longest nails and put the ones i thought looked better press dry and guess what happens it is so cool add me please
hemu18 hemu18 07.11.2012 à 12:24
add me as a friend plzz i dont have atlest 1 friend and i like this game
grace10423 grace10423 22.09.2012 à 2:05
omg i luv that game its awesome you guys need to try the longest nails and put black on them it is soo gross and gothic!! i hate goth people. the nails looked like witches!
littlemya littlemya 07.07.2012 à 5:29
bruhh that game is awsome and you get the gems by playing games and add me press dry and guess what will happen so cool and can u
samurah samurah 05.05.2012 à 23:31
cool game thank you for letting me play i have fun playing get back to me
isabble1231 isabble1231 05.05.2012 à 5:23
cool lolololololololoololololololololololololol;olololol.loloiloilioilioili9oiloiilioioilloiolioliiooliiooliolioli
legendofzeldagirl legendofzeldagirl 29.04.2012 à 23:30
I love this game its so awsame!!! SO AWSAME AND COOOL!!!!!
beegirl beegirl 28.04.2012 à 12:44
plz send me a request i love the idea i go everywhere lookig for clubs to join but it is always imposible
ahngel ahngel 27.04.2012 à 2:18
so hot nalis so hot i could wish this was real:- oh my gosh
kiyoshi kiyoshi 13.04.2012 à 2:58
OMG!!!!!!!!! this game is the best of my life ever and this website is to gurls
missmomo456 missmomo456 10.04.2012 à 17:21
i want a red plain one but you cant get it it is anoying please pepole i need a freind tell me how to get more gems please i like hanging out with my bffs can you be one whoever you are you rock who one the world girls of cause they are sweet and cute i love them i am a cool kind of girl what type are you maybe you might be pretty or cute or cool like me i like to wear dresses and new stuff and lots of bling and dont forget makeup i need a freind and a bff and more gems because i have only got 99 gems ilike to get silly somtimes goodbye and i love your cute looks
Rose123 Rose123 04.04.2012 à 10:09
i really this game and i also this website. this is really cool and im happy that they made this site
bribri2 bribri2 23.03.2012 à 20:46
julieloveyou9 julieloveyou9 18.03.2012 à 23:35
I love it, the disighnes are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! ,please send me a friend request THANKS
Gumiib3ar Gumiib3ar 10.03.2012 à 19:17
''The Game is Aight.... Buhh Reallii Funn Btw Doe... Yuu' Should Realli Play Itt
Nicole456 Nicole456 04.03.2012 à 2:56
this game is like is cool right now loving every minute of play i wish my nails sparkled like that if your reading this u need to like play this game right now don't even finish reading the rest of this message
MrsJonhson MrsJonhson 27.02.2012 à 2:03
yes i did think it was cool and my nails was dry too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. please send me a friend reqest
sasha21 sasha21 25.02.2012 à 17:03
this game is realy coool and i love the designs it is realy nice
yulissa16 yulissa16 25.02.2012 à 6:38
this game is ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
kekepa10 kekepa10 24.02.2012 à 22:39
fun game fun game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is the best i could play this everyday
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