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Learn some make up tips from this girl !

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  • Violetta and her date

    Violetta and her date

    Eeeek! Violetta is so nervous! She can’t believe her luck! She met a cute boy at a party some time ago and (...)
  • Air Hostess Makeover

    Air Hostess Makeover

    Do you girls love traveling and exploring new places? Maybe you should think about becoming a pilot or an (...)
  • Princess In Distress Makeover

    Princess In Distress Makeover

    Do you believe in fairytale princesses? You should, because there’s one right here in this free make up (...)
  • Makeover games

    makeover games

    Linda is a very naturally pretty girl. She loves to model for photos, because she loves being revamped. (...)
  • Beauty Queen Make Up

    Beauty Queen Make Up

    Jenna has been competing in beauty pageants since she was just a little girl, and now she’s about to reach (...)
  • Fairytale Princess Makeover

    Fairytale Princess Makeover

    Have you ever dreamed of entering a fairytale world and exploring all the magical places? Well, that (...)
  • Girls Makeover at School

    Girls Makeover at School

    Our dress up games let you try on clothes and check out the latest fashions with girls of all ages, from (...)
  • Maid of Honor Makeover

    Maid of Honor Makeover

    There’s always something to celebrate in our girls’ games! Lucia is getting married today, and her sister (...)
  • Catty Noir Game

    Catty Noir Game

    Meet Catty Noir, Monster High’s very own pop star! This new student loves to entertain her friends, but (...)
  • Tinkerbell Makeover

    Tinkerbell Makeover

    Today is a very special day for Tinkerbell. It’s party time in Neverland, and not just for the fairies! (...)
  • Makeover Miley Cyrus

    Makeover Miley Cyrus

    Everybody knows Miley Cyrus, better known as Hannah Montana! Both Miley and her alterego Hannah love (...)
  • Makeover Lady Gaga

    Makeover Lady Gaga

    It’s time for another star makeover game featuring one of the most fabulous and fashionable popstars (...)

Learn some make up tips from this girl !

Make up games are a great way to learn all about new make up tips and techniques. Makeup games are also really good fun to play because you can try out your own ideas without getting messy or using up all your own make up.

In girls games like this one, you can style her hair, eyes, skin, lips and lots more - and then to finish off you can even choose a nice top for her to wear so that she can go out to meet her friends. Play more free make up games in our make up section on

Girls make up

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  • Savannah1020
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Girls make up comments from girls:

267300 267300 13.03.2013 à 21:16
omg i luv it :} u should play it im mostly on instagram and this but u should still play this
honeybaby honeybaby 03.04.2012 à 9:17
bffs13 bffs13 02.03.2012 à 9:10
i reallythis game ugh and i wish i had this game forthe rest of ny life
impretty101 impretty101 19.02.2012 à 17:29
wellllll its not the best or worst game ive ever played i guess its ok !
doggysurprise19 doggysurprise19 10.01.2012 à 2:18
OMG! this is the best game ever! i loved it SOOOOOOOOO much!
Tharu Tharu 18.06.2011 à 7:02
i love this game.........
diamond diamond 26.02.2011 à 1:09
eh the game iz ok..i guess..smh
babyblu200049 babyblu200049 16.01.2011 à 21:18
this game is so wierd
neginam neginam 20.11.2010 à 18:13
that game is so rock!!!
supergirl123 supergirl123 07.11.2010 à 17:00
This game is the best! I added it to my top games list!
kk16016 kk16016 17.10.2010 à 17:04
eh, its okay... a little boring though! i think it could ya know have more headbands and jewlery choices... but it is OK not great though, i am NOT sooooo crazy 'bout it though.
isabel123456789 isabel123456789 15.10.2010 à 13:49
amazing! That game rules
olive15093 olive15093 03.10.2010 à 5:01
i love this game so muck my charecter was so cute and so am i
yesican123 yesican123 29.09.2010 à 5:39
this game is so as........... i love it! but the thing you but on can not come of!
myfavorite123 myfavorite123 22.09.2010 à 6:01
smiles !
lakaya140 lakaya140 03.09.2010 à 4:36
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
trudiva1 trudiva1 21.08.2010 à 17:54
good game
corret corret 22.07.2010 à 18:48
love make up because i love it

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