Love quiz

Find out who your true love is in this fun girls love quiz.

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Find out who your true love is in this fun girls love quiz.

This is one of our best girls games and it’s also a free game and it’s something really fun and different too. This is a quiz for girls to play – a love quiz in fact! Watch the intro to see what it’s all about, and then all you need to do is answer the quiz questions that come up. Each time you get a question in this fun girls game, there will be 4 possible answers that you can choose from.

Just like all the other games for girls, this quiz game will have you laughing so much at the result, and the best thing is – there are no right or wrong answers! So have a great time with this game and then try our other love games for girls right here on, the best games for girls website on the internet!

Love quiz

4.3/5 - 499 votes
  • Oluranti1
  • Savannah1020
  • Sheonjw
  • Iceprincess1
  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Neonflower5
  • Skatergirl12
  • SaraNellieKa
  • Cupcake109

Love quiz comments from girls:

bannabelle05 bannabelle05 17.09.2013 à 4:12
what the?? i got the nerd so weird i the game but seecluy that is so weird there is no good cute ones on here i thought this would be a bit more fun but it is not ya know what i mean?...
FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 28.07.2013 à 0:46
Hey Guys Well I Like This Game A Lot I don't know why Every First Time When I Play This Game I Always Het The Nerd. But When I try second time I don't get the nerd but its fun & funny You should play it
angsqu123 angsqu123 02.07.2012 à 0:59
i played this game 6 time in a row and the first 2 i got the rebel. the second 2 i got the jock. the third 2 i got the rich guy. what up with dat???!!! i like the game but that was wierd
keke234 keke234 29.06.2012 à 1:45
they gave me the dumb looking rich guy he looks so dumb his eyes are crossed and he has his front teeth sticking out!:->
anna_barbiegirls anna_barbiegirls 20.02.2012 à 11:36
i think quiz is cool but they tell us wrong m i rite girls?? i think u people probably think that m not tell u girls not truth but that"s the truth my all sweeties
divastar22 divastar22 20.02.2012 à 4:36
My stud was the nerd. YUCK! No not good 111111111111111111111111000 not
ddstulll ddstulll 13.02.2012 à 6:47
luv thiss game mi future bf will b a rebal haah i prob. didnt spell it right lol who cares luv u all
shaykid shaykid 22.06.2011 à 4:54
i sorta like it but not if they dont put Justin Bieber in it and take away the nerds i would love this game.
cait100 cait100 11.02.2011 à 1:44
itz gooooood !
jordangurl jordangurl 04.01.2011 à 4:29
i really liked this game!!
puppylover217 puppylover217 01.01.2011 à 7:22
this is a good game
armani09 armani09 23.12.2010 à 20:40
this game awesome.and all of you other kids need shut up. cause you just mad you ugly haters:->
florspecialecomete florspecialecomete 07.12.2010 à 12:05
che bello questo gioco!
gothic_lolita gothic_lolita 06.12.2010 à 18:55
there is only one guy in ths game
kristie kristie 22.08.2009 à 7:16
well this game is cool but all guys r ugly xD
Tabitha Tabitha 10.05.2009 à 7:52
i dont like this game cause it gave me a ugly guy!!!
shannon shannon 03.05.2009 à 11:53
i like the game but there could be one with the name of the boy at the end

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