Couple’s Kissing Game

Help this cute couple share a quick kiss without their neighbors spotting them.

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Help this cute couple share a quick kiss without their neighbors spotting them.

Louisa and John have been married for a few years now, and they’re more in love than ever! This young couple have just moved to a lovely house in a new neighborhood, but there’s something they weren’t counting on... they have the nosiest neighbors in town! They need a girls’ games expert like you to help them enjoy a few romantic moments without being disturbed in this free kiss game.

Click on the neighbors to shoo them away when you see them appear in this kiss game for girls, then click on the boy and girl to let them continue their kisses in peace. Make sure you don’t click at the wrong moment, or the neighbors will get really angry at this poor couple! Have fun with this online kissing game, and check back soon for more great girls’ games.

Couple’s Kissing Game

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Couple’s Kissing Game comments from girls:

taylor08 taylor08 28.12.2012 à 19:32
tanor012303 tanor012303 25.11.2012 à 17:00
it is a weird game and funny and u should try it for ur self it is fun it is riski it is about love and hiding from siblings and family you have to hide that u and ur boyfriend are kissing

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