First Day Of School Game

It’s Emily’s first day at a new school! Help her pick out a cool new look.

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How to play the game "First Day Of School Game"?

Emily is so nervous! She just moved to a new city with her parents and today she is starting a new school. She really didn’t want to move cities, but now that she’s in her new home, she loves it! She really wants to make a good impression on her first day at her new school because she wants to make lots of friends. In this free dress up game for girls, she’s asked you along to help her pick out some looks that will be cool for school. Let’s get started! Read more

Emily has lots of different tops, skirts, jackets, shoes and pants. You’ll also find quirky accessories like cute bows and edgy collars. You can also choose Emily’s eye color and find a cute hairstyle in this school dress up game. Don’t forget to finish her look with a nice confident smile! Do you think she’s ready to go to school? Play around with a few different looks until you’re sure. Wow, by the time it’s recess she’s going to have so many friends! Isn’t starting a new school exciting? Share your school stories in the comments below!



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