National Day procession for Chantal

Dress Chantal so she can take part in the National Day procession.

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This is another great dressing game for girls to do. This time Chantal needs to dress up to take part in a parade on the National Day. She needs to wear army camoflage, but there are lots of different thigns she can choose from. Thats why she needs your help. She has been looking forward to being part of the parade for years, so she really wants to look the best out of all the people.

National Day procession for Chantal

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National Day procession for Chantal comments from girls:

juliannaz4 juliannaz4 17.08.2011 à 0:08
Hi, this is my first day on this website! This game is really fun i sent it 2 myself!
Anna Anna 24.05.2008 à 13:36
I sent this game to all of my friends! It's great becuase it's different to all the other dressing up games!

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