Hello Kitty Dress up

Dress up in cute Hello Kitty style !

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Dress up in cute Hello Kitty style !

If you’re a fan of hello kitty, then we’re sure you like playing hello kitty games, and other girls games just like them! Dress up games are one of the most popular games on mygames4girls.com, so a hello kitty dress up game is bound to be a big success!

Hello Kitty Dress up

4.3/5 - 2509 votes
  • TessaYoung
  • Witch
  • Mkenzie
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • Millicent231
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni

Hello Kitty Dress up comments from girls:

lovelymeeh24 lovelymeeh24 03.11.2013 à 19:50
i love hellokitty games so much my sister want her room all hellokitty so much i be like no u are making me mad
ceesmile ceesmile 03.08.2013 à 19:53
hi do you want to be friends or not it be to be friends or not so do you like it mec so do you know
Chloe10 Chloe10 03.06.2013 à 0:13
love this game its so cute. I love hello kitty shes so cute I love cats there so cute
lol304 lol304 30.11.2012 à 4:20
omg i Helookitty she is so awsome and so i this game ps im new here and i dont have friends
superdoll2002 superdoll2002 19.06.2012 à 13:35
my dream is to see helllo kitte i love her so cute cati love cats but i dont like sexy things
tiarahearts tiarahearts 11.06.2012 à 1:06
OMG i love hello kitty she is adorable she is sweet and i have many teeshirts and accseseries ! love ya hello kitty
Tharu Tharu 16.04.2012 à 16:00
this game is lovely...... i just love itttttttttt.......
hellokitty10134 hellokitty10134 18.03.2012 à 15:14
wow i totaly love hello kitty cuz she is soo cute!!1she is awsome.i atleast have 100,000,00000 words to say about her.
Sonia Sonia 11.03.2012 à 4:21
i love hellow kitty but it is soooooo slow so sad i like to play because is soo much fun i can't play sad
brandy1015 brandy1015 11.03.2012 à 2:50
omg i love hello kitty i wish i had every thing hello kitty so i give this game 5 stars
hellokitty10134 hellokitty10134 24.02.2012 à 2:34
omg i am the biggest fan of hello kitty! i will love hello kitty forever!!!!!!!!!!
trendz_45 trendz_45 10.02.2012 à 19:32
i love this game! the clothes are totally cool! i played this game twice!
cupcake549 cupcake549 24.12.2011 à 5:20
these games are so awsome i hellokitty alot i made mine just like me 2 it look awsome
nesreenooo nesreenooo 07.08.2011 à 23:37
ilike that game its okiiii not bad:->its gorgues and iliket and thank you my friend to wruit acomment to know did u liket or not
skymacgirly skymacgirly 07.07.2011 à 18:51
cool game Ihellokitty
lovevelvetcupcake lovevelvetcupcake 04.07.2011 à 9:29
i love this game i made it superr cute
jwoww459 jwoww459 17.04.2011 à 1:11
that gam3 is so cut3
howida howida 16.04.2011 à 21:31
howida howida 16.04.2011 à 21:29
i'm new her so i need some friends
awesome_cool awesome_cool 02.04.2011 à 10:28
this game is pretty cool ! i made her luk damn gorgeous !!
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