Gown dress up

Get ready for this years christmas ball !

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Get ready for this years christmas ball !

Girls all love to get dressed up in pretty dresses and gowns for a special occasion, and in dress up games like this one, you get to try out so many pretty styles and colours! This girl is going to her christmas ball soon, and has gone shopping to buy a new gown, but in the process she’s also discovered beautiful hairstyles, jewelery, accessories and shoes to go with each dress.

Girls games like this one are great fun because your challenge is to find the one, most beautiful complete outfit, so that this girl will be the belle of the ball - it’s her dream! Try out all the combinations in this dress up game, and tell us which is your favorite in the comments section below. And try out more fun dress up games for girls whenever you feel like it, right here!

Gown dress up

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Gown dress up comments from girls:

aamina106999 aamina106999 03.11.2012 à 15:13
i love these games they are so good i love the way when you can change your clothes and do all sorts especially the face mask games
perla38 perla38 15.06.2011 à 21:49
This games are good
danidavy8989 danidavy8989 07.03.2011 à 8:22
Please add me!!!!... im kewl down to earth and laid back girl....!!
Ria Ria 02.01.2011 à 15:06
Love it
hottieapples49 hottieapples49 20.12.2010 à 0:41
msrockstar msrockstar 19.12.2010 à 21:07
i l.o.v.e this game.whoever dat dont like this game ur lame!!!

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