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Dress up these girls for a pyjama party!

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  • Filly Princess

    Filly Princess

    Have you heard the latest news from the Filly Kingdom, the magical world which is home to dozens of (...)
  • Dress Up a Magic Monster

    Dress Up a Magic Monster

    In our girls’ games you’ll find all sorts of pets and animals waiting for you to play with them: tigers, (...)
  • Santa’s Christmas Gift

    Santa’s Christmas Gift

    It’s Christmas Eve in this free dress up game, and Santa Claus is climbing down Zara’s chimney to deliver (...)
  • Adventure dress up games

    adventure dress up games

    What girl doesn’t love adventure? We all love going on holiday - especially now, during the summer (...)
  • London Dress Up

    London Dress Up

    London calling! The Queen is on the line and she wants you to pop to Buckingham Palace in England’s (...)
  • Fairy dress up

    fairy dress up

    Many dress up games and other kinds of girls games feature girls and boys just like you and me, but for a (...)
  • Mermaid game

    Mermaid game

    Here’s some underwater dress up games for you and your friends! Did you know they even have dress up (...)
  • Little Devil Dress Up

    Little Devil Dress Up

    Most of the girls in the free girl games at are very good and always on their best (...)
  • Yoga Girls Game

    Yoga Girls Game

    Sport and exercise are really important, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time! Our friend Nicole is a (...)
  • Party dress up

    Party dress up

    This lady has arranged for a party at her house tonight, and in this girls game, all of her friends are (...)
  • Mulan Disney Princess

    Mulan Disney Princess

    Jasmine is beautiful, Belle is intelligent, Ariel can sing, but when it comes to courage there’s one (...)
  • A lovely Angel

    A lovely Angel

    Mona is an angel who loves bright colors. Everyone can always notice her flying through the sky. On (...)

Dress up these girls for a pyjama party!

Games for girls in america are great fun, just like games for girls all over the world! Girls love to have sleepovers with their friends, get all dressed up in their pyjamas, and then have a good old pillow fight!

In this game two best friends are having a pyjama party, and you get to choose what one of them wears, even her accessories! What great fun sleep overs can be when you’ve got all your best friends around you! Enjoy this pyjama party without needing to tidy anything up in the morning! :)

games for girls in america

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