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Dress up these girls for a pyjama party!

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  • Family Christmas

    Family Christmas

    Christmas games are fun, and this new christmas game is a great example of that. It’s a dress up game (...)
  • Pretty Prints

    Pretty Prints

    Prints are so in right now. In fact, prints are always in. Have you ever opened a fashion magazine and (...)
  • Dress Up a Dog!

    Dress Up a Dog!

    For this fun game for girls you’ll not be dressing up a nice girl or’ll be dressing up the most (...)
  • Bird game

    bird game

    Pip has always been one of those girls who loves the great outdoors. She loves going on walks in the (...)
  • Princess Wedding games

    Princess Wedding games

    Princess games are always colorful and beautiful. Princesses have the most beautiful dresses, and girls (...)
  • Tomorrowland Game

    Tomorrowland Game

    Can you imagine what it’s like to be a robot? It’s probably pretty different to being a human, right? (...)
  • My Fairy Tale

    My Fairy Tale

    Have you ever read a fairy tale? You must have! And surely you remember fairies and their magical lives? (...)
  • Theme Park Girl Game

    Theme Park Girl Game

    What do you like doing at the weekends, when you aren’t playing our great girls’ games? Our friend Estelle (...)
  • Purple Polka Dot Outfits

    Purple Polka Dot Outfits

    Emily’s favorite color is purple. She only eats purple food (grapes, plums, cabbage, egg plants, (...)
  • Princess Cocktail Party Dress Up

    Princess Cocktail Party (...)

    Princess Chibi is the cousin of Rapunzel. Since being involved in some misadventures with a watch, she (...)
  • Dolly dress up

    Dolly dress up

    Dress up games are all about helping someone look nice, and this girls game is no different. Dress up (...)
  • Snowboarder Dress Up

    Snowboarder Dress Up

    There’s nothing quite like zooming down the slopes - it’s such a thrill! Emily is a pro snowboarder and is (...)

Dress up these girls for a pyjama party!

Games for girls in america are great fun, just like games for girls all over the world! Girls love to have sleepovers with their friends, get all dressed up in their pyjamas, and then have a good old pillow fight!

In this game two best friends are having a pyjama party, and you get to choose what one of them wears, even her accessories! What great fun sleep overs can be when you’ve got all your best friends around you! Enjoy this pyjama party without needing to tidy anything up in the morning! :)

games for girls in america

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