Fashion Designer game

Dress up three models for an exclusive New York fashion event!

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Dress up three models for an exclusive New York fashion event!

Have you ever dreamt of being a fashion designer? In this awesome girls’ game, you’ll get the chance to test your skills as a designer and a glimpse into the exclusive world of fashion! You’ll have to use your eye for style to dress up models in professional, casual and dressy styles, complete with matching make up and accessories. It might sound easy, but you’ll have to work hard to create the perfect outfits if you want to impress your boss!

Fashion Designer game

4.6/5 - 1667 votes
  • Poksbaby123
  • Rosabellange
  • Catij
  • Misanifab
  • Adore_reese
  • Missdanae
  • Micahturner
  • Starfireangl
  • Krishonn
  • Lola7663

Fashion Designer game comments from girls:

juju83752 juju83752 16.06.2014 à 4:12
I think this is a great and fun game! Its a cute game but more of a one time game but i still love it!
1Diana 1Diana 12.01.2014 à 18:46
I can't stop play this game!!Is SOOOO fun and....And, you feel like are you A big, populer fashion disainer
FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 27.07.2013 à 19:53
when i was 10 years i played this game now i am 12 i even love this game its awesome and FUN i really like this types of games You Should Play It . You Will Really Have Fun
aprilsweet aprilsweet 13.04.2013 à 9:17
i love this game so bad becauser of the models they are so pretty in thier clothes p.s plzz add me i am so fun
nickiicki123 nickiicki123 14.02.2013 à 1:22
omg can anyone plz add me i am new to this can you help me out plz I would like to say that if you help me I would be the best friend ever and if u have a problem I would help you out
M4884 M4884 21.12.2012 à 8:38
i absolutely luuvvvv this game !!!!! i just wish there were more studfios .... coz when i finished i got really bored and i didnt want to replay the games orelse itll be boring .... i wish there were more clothes to choose from aswell. i loved it !!!one of my favs
milley milley 12.10.2012 à 17:51
kiss u rhand five times and send it to other five games and under your pillow 4 pink ipad
milley milley 12.10.2012 à 17:47
kiss your hand five time and send it to five other games under your pillow 4 pink ipad
milley milley 12.10.2012 à 17:44
kiss your hand five times and send it to five other games under your pillow for pink ipad
nive101 nive101 28.09.2012 à 0:36
i want be so syles that one day i will be so popgular add me if you love fashion
glamourousbecky glamourousbecky 03.09.2012 à 14:19
i want to become the best fashion designer and go to paris and make the cover of magazines.
beyoncegilr beyoncegilr 02.09.2012 à 4:53
i am new anyone wants to be my friends plisplis .and l have many friends but as l have for that is the real life and all have not feiled me
glamourousbecky glamourousbecky 30.08.2012 à 12:23
this is the first fabulous fashion game that i really enjoy. i think there should be a monster high version of this game because i love venus mcflytrap
missydjp missydjp 28.08.2012 à 20:13
Realy cool i this game !! I cant wait to play this again its great
sup_ima_unicorn sup_ima_unicorn 26.08.2012 à 8:18
awesome game i dunno what else to say the computers making me put more so HAI
marticka1 marticka1 24.08.2012 à 18:30
i like this game.i have 5 stars.its not hard,just think what dress do u want,and what looks great.
sitas sitas 18.08.2012 à 13:18
i love this game alot. I got 5 stars.I feel like I am a real fashion designer.
Annie2004 Annie2004 16.08.2012 à 13:01
wow mind blowing game i hve dreamed tht i will be a fashion designer fr tht i m going to paris
tamarazee tamarazee 08.08.2012 à 8:43
awesome mind blowing my dream is to visit new york and be a fashion designer this fills them both i wonder how will i work in real some years left then ill be a top hit
jazmin jazmin 31.07.2012 à 3:08
i love this ame its my fav game i could play all day. it makes me want to be a fashin designer when i grow up.
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