Dress Up a 15-Year-Old Rock Girl

Penny is about to play her first concert with her band!

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Penny is about to play her first concert with her band!

From Joan Jett to Hayley Williams, music is full of awesome rock girls who started performing when they were just young teenagers. In this rock star dress up game you’ll meet Penny, a talented singer and guitarist who has just formed a girl group with her best friends. Tonight they’re playing their first ever gig, and they want to give their audience a show to remember! Come and dress up the singer for the big night and make sure she looks like a genuine rockstar!

Skinny jeans, cool t-shirts, shiny dresses, high heels... you can dress up Penny like a real punk rock princess in this girls’ game! Try out as many outfits as you like until you find the one that makes her look like a bona fide rock chick, and don’t forget to choose a cool guitar for her to take on stage! Want to be a rockstar when you’re older? Check out our girls’ games for more dress up fun with singers and musicians!

Dress Up a 15-Year-Old Rock Girl

4.3/5 - 106 votes
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  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
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  • Loomqueen123

Dress Up a 15-Year-Old Rock Girl comments from girls:

fashion_maryam fashion_maryam 26.07.2012 à 15:55
Hey this game is omg cool lol 3>but it is fun and lol Everyone plays it but it is good so yh I love the game lol 3>>
sweety587 sweety587 16.07.2012 à 15:47
really cool game.generally i love these makeover games cause there are all these amazing clothes and accessories .just perfect and fashionable
ashley333 ashley333 27.06.2012 à 20:10
nice gamoooo its sooooo ggggooood webbby that im always logged in
onedirection22451 onedirection22451 09.06.2012 à 12:52
i think it cool because i like the cloths in it well not to many any way

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