Celebrity Dress Up Games

Find a stunning outfit for this famous musician before her next performance!

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Find a stunning outfit for this famous musician before her next performance!

Thousands of girls and boys dream of becoming rich and famous, but only a few manage to do it. In this dress up game you’ll meet Anna, a very talented girl who has been singing and playing the piano since she was just three years old. After many hours of practise and years of studying, she’s finally been given her big break: a recording contract with a top music label!

Tonight Anna is playing an important in front of a big crowd, so she needs to look like a real star. Come and choose an outfit for her in this celebrity dress up game; you can choose her dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, and even what type of piano she’s going to play! Want to play more girls’ games with your favorite singers and actresses? Check out the celebrity games section for more fun with your favorite stars!

Celebrity Dress Up Games

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