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  • Fashion Model Dress Up Game

    Fashion Model Dress Up (...)

    Ever since she was a little girl, Rachel has always wanted to be a model. She loves the glitz and glamour (...)
  • Butterfly Fairy Dress Up

    Butterfly Fairy Dress Up

    Welcome to Fairyland, home of Florence, the beautiful butterfly fairy. Today is Florence’s birthday, so (...)
  • Emo Pocahontas

    Emo Pocahontas

    The coolest Native American ever is back. She is bored with the beige animal skin dress the Disney bosses (...)
  • Country Singer Dress Up

    Country Singer Dress Up

    Love country music? If so, we’ve got a treat for you girls today! Tanya Leigh is a young country singer (...)
  • In an actresses lodge

    In an actresses lodge

    For dress up games for girls, you will enter the fantastic world of the cinema and more specifically the (...)
  • Swag Boy Dress Up

    Swag Boy Dress Up

    Jack grew up in a rough neighborhood and times have been hard, but thanks to his swag, style and (...)
  • New Year’s Party Outfit

    New Year’s Party Outfit

    It’s New Year’s eve! Naomi is heading to the party at her college tonight, and she can’t wait to see all of (...)
  • Sale shopping

    sale shopping

    Free dress up games like this one are especially for girls who just love shopping for clothes. The sales (...)
  • Prom Dress Up

    Prom Dress Up

    There is an event that takes place in High School every year that nobody wants to miss...the spring (...)
  • Sleeping Beauty Dress Up

    Sleeping Beauty Dress Up

    We love fairy tales here at! Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel... you’ll find (...)
  • Little Miss Princess

    Little Miss Princess

    You’ve probably heard of the books of little mr and little miss. To complement this collection, a new book (...)
  • Computer Girl Game

    Computer Girl Game

    How do you access your favorite girls’ games site? On your computer, your cell phone, your iPad, or maybe (...)

Play this dress up game for american girls

Dress up games for American girls games, just like all other girls games, are really great fun to play either alone, or with all your girl friends. There are so many different kinds of games, and this new one is a dress up game.

You can dress up this pretty american girl in some lovely outfits for this summer. She loves fashion and getting dressed up in some nice new clothes, so have fun shopping for new outfits and see how many great combinations you can find. Why not try out other girls dress up games on

American girls games

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