A before-after makeover

Treat this client with the best makeover possible!

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Treat this client with the best makeover possible!

Among the makeover games this is one of the more complete games because you will really see a big difference between the person you have chosen to make over at the start, and the end result. Indeed, this game consists of some quite ordinary models who feel rubbish about themselves. So they really want to be selected by you to be different and perhaps become stars. From the very start of this girls game you can choose the girl with whom you wish to play.

By clicking on the arrows around the clothes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup, you can change everything as you wish. In the end, you can admire the result by comparing your work with a picture of the girl that you just gave a makeover to. A real before-after game! Try out more makeover games and make up games right now!

A before-after makeover

4.3/5 - 435 votes
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  • Auntieart
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  • Mero10
  • Tealcutiepie
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  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
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A before-after makeover comments from girls:

rockybell rockybell 15.04.2012 à 21:46
cool game i knew it was gonna be fun!my friends will love this game...its a good thing i have a computer
rockybell rockybell 15.04.2012 à 20:27
cool game.ijust wish there were more girls to design.on the other hand its a pretty fun game!!
rockybell rockybell 15.04.2012 à 20:25
cool game i just wish there were more girls to design.on the othor hand its a fun game
shanice4 shanice4 12.02.2012 à 2:29
i could already tell this was a good game and i think i like it:$ and it is a good games
anna1120 anna1120 02.02.2012 à 11:03
they have copied a came called: head 2 toe.thats wierd but it's still fun
tocute121 tocute121 30.09.2011 à 23:42
JessicanMeh JessicanMeh 18.05.2011 à 18:19
so good make me wanted to cry....lol

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