3D Model

Dress up Candice for her series of photo shoots!

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Dress up Candice for her series of photo shoots!

For this set of girls games you have to click on the buttons at the top of the game to discover whats inside Candice’s wardrobe. This young model is posing for a series of photos which will then be added to the website of a major clothing brand. She’s going to be photographed from all angles to reproduce a moving 3D image and allow users to see the clothes perfectly.

It is a hard job and she needs you to help her get dressed in this model game. Grab the clothes with your mouse and drag them on to Candice. Also change her hairstyle to match each outfit that you put on her to give the impression of being with another model. Think about adding accessories too, that will give extra value to Candice and her outfits.

3D Model

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  • Spiritual
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3D Model comments from girls:

Sofiastar0 Sofiastar0 23.07.2014 à 18:31
its not 3d and it may need mor tops and hairstyles.However add me guys!
Sofiastar0 Sofiastar0 23.07.2014 à 18:19
Well as i see this isnt 3d i dont really like it it doesnt have many hairstyles and topr.Add me guys
Netti10 Netti10 19.07.2014 à 15:32
this is not 3D model only few stuff not many variations i don´t like it but add me pls
FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 27.07.2013 à 21:16
l They Said Its 3D . Its Not 3D Second She Needs More Shirts . She Needs More Hairstyles . I Ddint Like it a lot but its ok not that nice .
dancinggirl2 dancinggirl2 16.08.2012 à 21:30
this game is not so 3d to me but she kinda looks like a model now this games is kinda cool but there is more cooler games on the sight other than this
katyperryvegas katyperryvegas 02.04.2012 à 10:14
thi s game is ok i sopose?its kinda wierd too erm an okay game BBBBUT I AM NOT DDING IT TO MY TOPS!

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