A Real Little Girl’s Room

Create a stylish bedroom for a real girl!

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Create a stylish bedroom for a real girl!

This is one of the best kinds of decoration games - you’re not just positioning objects, but you can actually choose colours and styles for each item. The walls and floor are the first thing you can choose, and then just keep going down the row of buttons to choose all the other items too. There is lighting, a mat, curtains, a set of furniture, a light, a chair, a sofa and even some toys.

It’s all up to you how you do it - maybe you want a really nice stylish room? Or maybe you want something thats really colourful and fun? You can design the room however you think it’ll look best, or however you would love to have your own bedroom...or you can even do it again and again and keep changing the style over and over again.

A Real Little Girl’s Room

4.4/5 - 844 votes
  • Aqualeena
  • Spiritual
  • Icymabel
  • Naiyaaosopre
  • AugustineJay
  • IceQueen020
  • Angana
  • AraBlossomRa
  • Leli10

A Real Little Girl’s Room comments from girls:

shaygirl shaygirl 31.03.2013 à 3:49
princesspinkypooh princesspinkypooh 18.08.2012 à 17:57
i like this game now i am new i sign up yesterday and i just have 1 friend i like it its really nice
HurricaneJade2222 HurricaneJade2222 13.05.2012 à 2:00
not bad:-l.could b better.but wish my room could look like that!
sayo177 sayo177 26.02.2012 à 1:58
this game is too easy why don't they put all the fruniture they can in that and we can put all of it in there like a huger scrrn to fill the whole box so we can like be ib a mancion
lrobins74 lrobins74 23.10.2011 à 20:09
hi guysi think this website is amazing i love it im going on it all the time
krystle krystle 28.02.2011 à 3:39
i love the game if i was little i would love to have my room like it is awesome
Alistar Alistar 16.01.2011 à 5:11
Well it wasn't bad
Alistar Alistar 16.01.2011 à 5:10
I would love to be a barbie so I could do whatever haha
habebalove123 habebalove123 26.12.2010 à 12:08
the game it's not bad and it's not very good it's only good i love some in game .
habebalove123 habebalove123 26.12.2010 à 12:06
the game it's not bad but it's not very good good
hannahmontana7766 hannahmontana7766 29.11.2010 à 20:35
superstar89383 superstar89383 24.11.2010 à 22:46
i had fun playin it
Aniqha Aniqha 05.09.2008 à 8:06
umm.. i think this game is okay.. not that good.. not that bad.. i lyk it.. itz okay...

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