How To Add Volume to Straight Hair

Do you have straight hair? Would you like to get a little more volume? Follow this simple tutorial to get a voluminous hairdo!

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Add Life to Limp Locks

If you’ve got straight hair, chances are it sometimes ends up a bit limp and lifeless. Ugh. If you find yourself constantly getting annoyed a frustrated because your hair’s got no volume, don’t worry, because at MyGames4Girls we love to share our hair and beauty secrets with you guys! Check out this super professional hair tutorial.

The Perfect Blow Dry

Like the hairdresser says at 1.00, you need to try and achieve the most volume at the crown. He then mentioned that your hair should be just washed and towel dried! Never try to style or blow dry soaking wet will just frazzle it!

Another key tip? Always dry hair in the opposite direction that you would like it to lay. So you might look a little like you’re dancing around at a rock concert. Check out 1.55 too. A big round brush like this is going to be your new BFF! Remember to always use a heat protecting spray though.

So, do you have straight hair? What are your tips for achieving volume? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our hair games!


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