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In Spongebob games for girls, since 2002, a funny little sponge by the name of “bob” has appeared on our TV and cinema screens! He’s made us laugh so much, and given us hours of fun with Spongebob games! Spongebob has also let us know all about his town “Bikini Bottom” and about his great friends Patrick the starfish, Carlo the squid , Eugene the crab who owns the restaurant “Crusty Crabs”, and of course Sandy the squirrel who needs a diving mask to live underwater! In Spongebob games online, Bob likes to do karate with Sandy and loves getting involved in extraordinary adventures with all of his friends. Read more

He always has lots of jokes and Spongebob loves to play tricks on his poor neighbor Carlo. Patrick is his best friend, and he is always involved in the stories and adventures that Spongebob gets up to! Together they are always trying to find out the secret recipe of Krusty! All the free Spongebob games featuring Spongebob on this website of games for girls are great fun, simple to play, and really silly!