Fashion designer Games

Dress up models and mannequins and design your own clothes just like a celebrity stylist with these fashion designer games for girls. Come and make a name for yourself in the fashion world!


Welcome to the world of fashion, where the rich and famous rub elbows with talented photographers, renowned stylists and genius designers. Models and celebrities might form the face of the fashion industry, but it’s the people behind the scenes who are the real stars; these are the designers and stylists who launch the trends you’ll find on the catwalk, in stores and even in girls’ games. If you’ve ever played dress up games, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to work in a design house: imagine letting your imagination run wild with all those colors, patterns, fabrics, all the different styles of shoes and clothes… As well as being very creative with excellent taste, you need to be extremely talented to be a successful stylist. After all, fashion is an art form like any other. Whether you’re making dresses, designing jewelry for a fashion show or giving girls an all-over makeover, as a fashion designer you need to be outgoing and ready to surprise or even shock your public with your creations! Read more

You need to be ready to work very hard and study for several years if you want to break into the fashion industry. If you dream of being a world-famous fashion designer and a style icon, get some practise with our fashion games and start creating tons of beautiful dresses, pants, tops, coats and accessories. Imagine seeing gorgeous models strutting down the catwalk wearing one of your creations! In these girls’ games you can design clothes for girls or even for boys, then color, cut and sew them into beautiful items that will really impress your friends. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be spotted by a big design house? Share your passion for fashion right here, and above all, remember to be creative and have fun!