Hipster Fashion Game

Choose an outfit for this hipster girl in this dress up game!

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How to play the game "Hipster Fashion Game"?

What do you think of hipster girls? Hipsters, sometimes called scenesters, love to dress up in vintage clothes or tacky colors, with retro accessories, piercings, tattoos and nerdy black-rimmed glasses. In this alternative dress up game, you’ll get to dress up a typical scenester girl in the usual hipster fashions! Tilly is a part-time vegan blogger who designs her own jewelry line, and tonight she’s going to see her boyfriend play synths at a charity gig in Shoreditch, East London. Can you choose a cool hipster outfit for her to wear in this dress up girl game? Read more

Tilly always tries really, really hard to look different, so try out lots of cute and quirky outfits in this hipster fashion game until you find the perfect look for our scenester girl. Like all of our dress up games, there are tons of items for you to choose from: dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, cardigans, sneakers, boots, scarves... You can even give this hipster girl tattoos and piercings if you like! Thanks to your girls’ games expertise Tilly will look really cool and not at all like everyone else at the gig! Have fun dressing up this hipster girl, and check out the rest of the girls’ games on the site for lots more fashion fun!



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vretyuoi vretyuoi 13 April 2012 at 08:23
Totally Awesome!!!! I loved it, I could play it all day, but it does'nt go all day LOL
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