Pole Dancer Dress Up

Dress up an athletic dancer in this free game.

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Dress up an athletic dancer in this free game.

Do you love dancing and choreographing your own routines? Have you ever heard of pole dancing? This athletic form of dance is becoming really popular, which is why we’ve decided to introduce it into our girls’ games! In this dress up game for girls you’ll meet Leila, a dancer who has just finished training to be a pole dancing instructor. Dress her up for her first class with her new students in this dance game for girls.

Pole dancers use a vertical metal pole to complete difficult moves and really complicated choreography. These girls need to train a lot to develops their muscles, and it’s not easy! Help Leila find an outfit so she can really shine as she teaches her new pupils the basic moves in this dancer dress up game. Have fun, and use the search bar if you want to play more dance games: ballet, tap, modern... you’ll find them all here!

Pole Dancer Dress Up

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Pole Dancer Dress Up comments from girls:

racing17d racing17d 06.04.2013 à 16:01
i know where there is a pole dancing gym for women if u want to know ps do u have a horse
princessangelica12 princessangelica12 18.10.2012 à 19:33
i think pole dancer is not such a bad a game. I mean it kinda reminds me of Meada!

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