Computer Girl Game

Dress up Emma while she plays on her laptop!

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Dress up Emma while she plays on her laptop!

How do you access your favorite girls’ games site? On your computer, your cell phone, your iPad, or maybe some other sort of tablet? In this dress up game you’ll meet Emma, an Apple fan who loves having fun and playing girls’ games on her very own Mac. Dress her up in a cute, comfortable outfit while she plays in this free girl game!

Computer Girl Game

4.5/5 - 54 votes
  • Miki178mimi
  • Cutedoll1234
  • Kiratk123
  • Iggyazelea
  • Crazylovingi
  • Daisy90876
  • Tutan3
  • Hasina
  • Blarrie
  • Robrivers

Computer Girl Game comments from girls:

lulu3216 lulu3216 17.07.2012 à 10:03
i think its a good game. what do you guys think? if its good or bad i dont care?

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