A real stylist girl

Have fun with this really realistic designer game!

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Have fun with this really realistic designer game!

In this one of our girls games you will be able to prove you’re a good stylist. The purpose of the game is to design evening dresses. With the model wearing your creations, you can let your imagination run wild. Each time you design something you can change the colors or the designs to make entirely new outfits. You can match up skirts or dresses to go together too. You can also reduce or increase the patterns on the material that you use to make your clothes. Choose accessories also to give your creations extra value in this designer game. For hairstyles, you can choose two or three areas to really give volume and length to the models hair. Think about telling your friends about the www.mygames4girls.com website – remember it’s my games 4 girls!

A real stylist girl

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A real stylist girl comments from girls:

farose farose 26.04.2013 à 17:57
cool:->games with lots of fun.... i enjoy it well everyone can play dis gme cute dolls lol
jess12a jess12a 22.04.2012 à 9:27
this game is so cool and it is fun amasing and amason and the best game i have bean on yet i always go on it and evan my antie likes it
carlyflower carlyflower 20.07.2011 à 9:35
Best game everso beautiful
alexa alexa 02.08.2009 à 0:11
love it!!its like queen!!!
missanj missanj 21.06.2009 à 16:09
the best game of dress up

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