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Player comments

KendallPrincess KendallPrincess 26.07.2014 à 7:46
Roses Are Red Violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. Roses are red violets are blue somethings are sweet just like yoU!
vaul123 vaul123 01.06.2014 à 19:24
Poem: I am standing outside in the cold air But then I realize there is silver in my hair I clunch my hands real hard into a fist then ice powers shoot out dont you insist? I see that my t-shirt turnes into a blue ice dress and my jeans turn into beautiful white leggings what a mess! Then my dirty face turns pale Then my freckles turn into makeup how stale Then my tennis shoes turn into icey slippers then my brothers starts to skipper Then I open my mouth and then I sing "Let it go" and that is how i turned into Elsa.Don't say no.
vaul123 vaul123 01.06.2014 à 19:15
agnija9 agnija9 28.02.2014 à 20:32
i will tell you a poem love guys! ok i love you like a flower of love i really really do and i like only you. you are like a heart of lovely roses only for you
agnija9 agnija9 28.02.2014 à 20:29
i will tell you a poem love guys! ok i love you like a flower of love i really really do and i like only you like a heart of lovely roses
courtstar courtstar 28.11.2013 à 22:55
what is black white and red a skunk with a nappy rash AND THIS POEM rose are red vilots are blue i love you
Sonny643 Sonny643 19.03.2013 à 9:42
One day there was a woman who had a dog named poo.The woman and poo went to the grocery store to get some milk.When they proceeded to the check-out the woman realized that she had forgot her wallet at home.Then she asked poo to fetch the wallet for her.So the woman went out the store to see poo go to the house when suddenly a policeman came and asked her "Mam,what are you waiting for?" and she replied "I'm waiting for my poo to come down" The police men looked confused because he thought she was constipated but then he left.Lol xD :'P
buttercup777 buttercup777 03.11.2012 à 9:04
don't hv a joke or a riddle but i hv a poem i wrote for my ex: Roses are Red Violets are Blue you may not LOVE me but I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU </3
misstaylors misstaylors 10.08.2012 à 1:49
Hi everyone check out my profile add me as your friend and you will be updated about my life as a 16 year-old my real name is Carly-Lynn Conny
mystique123 mystique123 23.07.2012 à 6:59
sup said bill then upsy went daysy then hey sexy said mandy.So what u up 2 said bob u no this isint even a joke im jst bored so bye
veronica24680 veronica24680 23.07.2012 à 0:23
there were 2 brothers named shut up and trouble.once troudle got lost so shut up went to the police. the police asked whats your name,shut up.the police asked are you looking for trouble.howed you know.
veronica24680 veronica24680 23.07.2012 à 0:17
riddle:a blondy and a brunet are jumping off the same building who will land first. answer:the brunet will land first becuse the blondy will stop and ask for direction.
veronica24680 veronica24680 23.07.2012 à 0:11
riddle:a boy was murdered in a round house.the mother for sure didnt kill the son.the father siad he didnt do it so did the brother and sister.the maid said she didnt do it because she was cleaning in the CORNER who was the murderur. answer:it was a round house so that means that the maid did it because there are no coners in a round house.
bixzy bixzy 17.07.2012 à 20:00
When does Mr. Cow go to the grocery store? Every UDDER day! /rofl
holly1524 holly1524 08.07.2012 à 21:17
this is about my bff's sister when milly was four she pood on the floor and knocked at the door at the same time mummy mummy she cried yes yes she peplied iv poood and im sorry but i did it again ohhh milly ...the end LOLOLOLOLOL
meenalsuri meenalsuri 07.07.2012 à 19:12
father-everything is so expensive these days.can you tell me 1 thing son that is coming down in money? son-dad it is so easy. my report card marks!!!
zoey345 zoey345 29.06.2012 à 21:54
tom the tailer talked to timmy timely today tom the tailer took timmy to target together they took tea then they left when they left they realised the had to pay ! they kept on saying it was their fault
123johanna 123johanna 29.06.2012 à 4:03
why did the chiken cross the rode ANSWER:to show he is not a cheken lol,lol,lol,lol,
yazmine1111 yazmine1111 26.06.2012 à 9:13
1.mother-susy cmon eat some spinach it is good for yr face it will produce nice colur in ur face susy-i dont want a green face mother - ha!
alana580 alana580 11.06.2012 à 18:59
there was a job ofering and 4 men applyed. the boss asked,"ok, let's see, this will help decide whitch one of you gets the job,what is the fastest thing in the world ?whitch ever guy gets the best answer gets the job." the first guy said,"that's easy,thinking. becuase when you think of something, the thought is already there." the boss says,"that's good!" the second guy says,"blinking. when i blink, i don't miss a thing ,that's FAST."the boss says,"wow, true!"the 3rd guy says,"light, when i turn the light switch on in the farm,bam ! the lights flash on !"the boss said,"ooh that good ! ok 4th guy, it's your turn. you gotta make this good if ya want the job." the 4th guy smiles and says,"man, that's too easy,diarhea. becuase before i could think,blink or turn on a light switch, i had pooped everywhere !" (hahahahah)
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