Ever After High: Spring Unsprung: Movie Premiers 2015

The royally rebellious Ever After High students are back with a full-length feature coming to Netflix in 2015!

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As the winter months draw in, MyGames4Girls has discovered some amazing news to keep us going throughout the cold season: Ever After High are releasing a feature-length movie AND 12 new episodes early next year!

If you haven’t yet fallen under the spell of Ever After High (er - where have you been?!), we will happily fill you in about our favourite group of boys and girls, who just so happen to be the children of our best-known fairytale characters.

The young characters face a dilemma, as they choose between carving out their own destiny or following the fates of their parents. For example, Briar Beauty (daughter of - yep, you guessed it - Sleeping Beauty) must decide whether she wants to sleep for a century (tempting) or become queen! Although we’re not sure if Cerise Hood’s happy about her fate to be eaten by a wolf dressed as a grandma, we hope she’ll choose her own path...

The movie will premier on Netflix, the internet streaming service, and will follow our favourite characters as they choose their destiny to fulfil. The new episodes and movie promises awesome new characters and plots.

Both movie and series are being released online on Netflix in early 2015, which seems a very long way away. So in desperation, we came up with our own (not entirely serious) list of things we’d like to see in the new movie…

5 Things We Want to See in the Ever After High Movie:

  • First we’d like the two sisters Bella and Brutta to return and clear up whether their destiny implied a painful death or not, and also explain their mysterious disappearance.
  • Apple to stop being a pain and trying to convince everyone to follow their destiny. Make her clean and cook for seven dwarves, maybe then she’ll change her tune...
  • Also, let Raven poison Apple White once and for all. Oh come on, why not?
  • Cerise Hood should chomp on Prince Charming. She should eat him up. All of him including his frilly pink panties.
  • And (to end on a lighter note) we want to see a lot more of Briar Beauty, because she is our favourite and we’re not selfish at all. Thank you that will be all.

The release for Ever After High: Spring Unsprung and the following series is scheduled for early 2015. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled from January 1st onwards! Is this the best Christmas present ever?!


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