What are your favorite things in life?

What is your biggest passion in life - not just a favorite TV program or hobby, but a real passion? Maybe you’ve always wanted to fly an airplane, sing in a pop group, or help people in need, or maybe you want to spend your life looking after injured animals or travelling the world...it could be anything at all!

Lots of people have a clear idea of their passions in life, and others don’t decide until much later, but if you can think of something that you’ve always been passionate about, tell everyone at MyGames4Girls all about it, right here!

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What are your favorite things in life?

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Player comments

Leora Leora 14.07.2014 à 22:55
I've always been a passionate writer, for poetry and songs. I've stored all my songs and hope to sing them one day or write my poetry in books...
KellyJohnson KellyJohnson 17.06.2014 à 20:13
My greatest passions in life are singing, internet and writing stories [ mostly love stories from ages 10-13 ] So YEAH
vaul123 vaul123 01.06.2014 à 20:56
i've always wanted to write books or create my own virtual world or be a strom chaser. I want to write books because writing is on of the subjects in school I am the best at. i will write chapter books for girls ages 10-15. I really like writing and I sure hope I will for the rest of my life. I want to create my own virtual world cuz I play on alot of them! I think all the ones I play on are OUTSTANDING. Including HiDolls. So I want to create one too. I want to be a storm chaser cuz I am obcessed with storms! I love looking at them everyday! I also love the thrill! So yea those are my three passions in life!
harrystyles1231D harrystyles1231D 23.10.2013 à 23:48
my best thing in my live is listing to one direction songs of course i them so much
lilzze lilzze 21.12.2012 à 21:38
i passion is become a singer or a book write or a lawyer to me become a lawyer and to be cool too and have a boyfriend on this game
buttercup777 buttercup777 03.11.2012 à 8:56
my passion is, painting and drawing and my other one is loving my family and my other one is to love my boyfriend which i dont hv anymore
styrr4 styrr4 02.09.2012 à 7:50
One of My Greatest passion's is sport; I dream of being in the Olympics when I'm older doing Track and Field and my other passion is Singing (well; basically music) and I hope to achieve a Career out of my talent Dreams do come true and Dreams will come true if you believe in them and follow them
katyperry10 katyperry10 25.08.2012 à 21:53
My greadess pasion is singing pop or hip hop,dancing hip hop,beining in olypics,being in the next star....
Musagirl13 Musagirl13 01.08.2012 à 14:41
My greatest passion is to sing in grand opera in Sydney, help anyone in need, help nature and animals to stay longer, travel around the world and build a fun, exciting and enjoying art school for everyone to learn about music.
ambertheartist ambertheartist 29.07.2012 à 12:42
Ever since I was 2 I've wanted 2 b a world re-noun Artist , I love 2 do paintings&drawings,I love poetry,I love everything creative, !
Sarah13Black Sarah13Black 17.07.2012 à 10:16
Ever since I was two, my dream was to become an actress and maybe a country/pop singer.. this summer its finally coming true. Im doing a music video this summer, its in production as we speak.
valduzie valduzie 09.07.2012 à 20:23
im an artistic and musical soul i luv the renissance art, i luv poetry, i luv painting, playing the guitar and drums and baking and designing clothes
rebecca003cca rebecca003cca 05.07.2012 à 12:19
i alvais wanted to win something a game and i would get a prize didnt you too
Dali1 Dali1 05.07.2012 à 6:33
I've always want to be famous for acting or singing my two top passions!
Mikela Mikela 03.07.2012 à 16:49
My passion is to become a singer and a good makeup artist. Bringing out beauty in even people who others class as ugly.
jadeses jadeses 29.06.2012 à 23:02
my passion is art, playing guitar, singing, designing clothe, and craft. i really enjoy making things
yazmine1111 yazmine1111 26.06.2012 à 9:02
i am crazy in fashion that is my pasion. i like to design cool magazines . i luv to dance and sing ,i'd luv to b an actress too. or a fashion designier ,pop star i have lots of thoughts the most important thing about me is i want to be sylish and famous well kind too.
BellaSwan1212 BellaSwan1212 05.06.2012 à 10:41
I fashion, it's the best job a person could have, I wish that someday when I grow up and become 20 years old, I would like to work in runway magazine, & if that won't happen I want to work as a wedding planner like J'Lo in the wedding planner
tiarahearts tiarahearts 25.05.2012 à 13:40
I love fashion it's my bff I also love dancing and gossiping with friends about boys and the latest outfits and make up
angelandmicheal angelandmicheal 23.05.2012 à 22:51
i am artisic and musical i sing love songs and pop songs i am an artist and also im in love

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