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Lilou, Lea & Lee

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2.4/5 - 10 votes
  • Miki178mimi
  • Rockenizzy
  • Cutedoll1234
  • Kiratk123
  • Galiegal
  • Iggyazelea
  • Crazylovingi
  • Daisy90876
  • Majh33
  • Tutan3

Player comments

vaul123 vaul123 01.06.2014 à 0:13
I love all the Wambie makeup games. And I also like playing virtual worlds online! Look at my profile and I telly ou what I play on!
sharanyatyce73 sharanyatyce73 19.08.2013 à 4:16
i love flirting games and hair styling games and adventure games a lot!!
Miss_Cute_Bii Miss_Cute_Bii 06.08.2013 à 21:56
My favourite games are face makeup, cooking and virtual hair styling games. My FAV FAVE gmae isn't on here so this is something mygames4girls can add! : head 2 toe makeover. and barbie real haircuts!!
Musagirl13 Musagirl13 01.08.2012 à 15:19
My favorite games are cooking, caring, hair styling, make-over and love games. i love these games because it suit my personality and i hope that i can find friend that are similar to me.
tiomy tiomy 06.06.2012 à 5:07
my fav games are decoration and dress up and anime games and baby siting games
smayragrace smayragrace 29.05.2012 à 17:22
I will vote to Mine most Favorite Game Barbie Dress Up for entertainment and get entertainment here so Thanks for sharing it Guys..
armanimccoo armanimccoo 21.12.2011 à 2:42
family feud that is my favorite i play it on facebook so have a great christmas because its all about jesus b day
chelseaa13 chelseaa13 18.07.2011 à 1:45
tianababy tianababy 16.03.2011 à 18:57
mario and sonc and car and bike game i love all of that games
kk16016 kk16016 18.12.2010 à 0:25
demi lovatos make up game... luv it
shonel souvenir shonel souvenir 15.12.2010 à 1:42
i like cricket and tenis
jas123 jas123 23.11.2010 à 7:16
Iiiii looov make upp an angellllllllll pik IT
lea4ever10 lea4ever10 19.11.2010 à 2:48
it's impossible to chose because myGames4girls has so many games and they're all really good so I don't know about anyone else but I cant chose half of the games I haven't even played yet
harira harira 24.08.2010 à 16:41
well girls i liked kimpossible and adventure games you will love themmmmmmmmmmm
Anna Anna 03.07.2010 à 10:01
My fave game is Danella the star ballet dancer! I love ballet!
Ingrid Ramirez-Lajara Ingrid Ramirez-Lajara 27.06.2010 à 17:59
i like the cooking games,mak-over ,dress up i like every game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jojo jojo 23.04.2010 à 12:07
my fav, game is Spot the difference with Lea, Lee and Lilou i love it
tansin shanavas tansin shanavas 06.04.2010 à 22:07
my fave game is hannah montana& i am tansin
Sariyah Sariyah 23.03.2010 à 1:38
I Like Da Hair Games . They Are Interesting Nd Fun !!!!!!!!!! ~Enjoy Those Games~
Busola solomon Busola solomon 27.02.2010 à 18:03
my favourite game are all th hannah montana and miley cyrus games
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