Oh So Glamorous Makeover Game

Sakhita was meant to be a star, but she needs glamming up first!

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How to play the game "Oh So Glamorous Makeover Game"?

How does a girl become glamorous? Is it the style, the clothes, the attitude, the money? It’s not clear what causes someone to be glamorous, but we can all agree that it’s easy to tell which girls are glam. In this free makeover game, we’re going to be styling up a movie star! Sakhita has to be glamorous every day, and to her it comes naturally. Not everyone can be a star, but everyone can follow a star’s beauty regime... Read more

Sakhita needs help getting ready for the premier of her new movie. To maintain her glittering image, she needs a deep cleansing facial and for her make up to be applied by a professional. She’s also had several dresses sent to her from designers around the world. It’s hard work being a movie star! Isn’t it exciting to know that the makeover you create in this free girls game will be seen by other celebrities, designers and photographers around the world? This is the perfect opportunity to show the world what a great girl make up gamer you are. Can you achieve an oh so glamorous look? Good luck!



Oh So Glamorous Makeover is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave makeover games!