Give a pretty summer pedicure.

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Give a pretty summer pedicure.

Pedicure games are a very good way to practice your nail art (for manicures and for pedicures) without making mistakes that can be messy. You can change the skin color of the feet you’re working with, and then apply nail varnish as well as pretty rings, tattoos and lots more too.

When you’re finished your pedicure you can even choose a nice pair of summer shoes to wear so that you can walk around town showing off the lovely pedicure! Play more pedicure and manicure games on


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Pedicure comments from girls:

Ashonte10 Ashonte10 17.05.2012 à 3:08
hey i'm new and i need some bff i be feeling sad and i be crying and no body need to be my bff
zaradecool123 zaradecool123 12.04.2012 à 17:49
hey im new need some friends and some friends so that my thing doesnt say "NO FRIENDS"
larrial larrial 09.04.2011 à 2:08
its kind of fun
leahp2010 leahp2010 31.01.2011 à 17:32
hi everyone out there in the whole wide world what is happening what are you doing with yourselfs klkl lol
nicole86 nicole86 27.12.2010 à 2:15
wow this game lks amazing

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