Crystal goes to the shops

Make up Crystal for her christmas shopping trip.

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Make up Crystal for her christmas shopping trip.

Crystal needs to go Christmas shopping but it is not very warm and she doesn’t want to leave her home. Especially because a great, warm chimney fire has been lit in her house. But she needs the courage to face the bitter cold to get to the mall. And there’s no reason why, just because it’s not how, she shouldn’t still be looking very pretty. You never know who you might bump into at the mall!

Your role in make up games is to choose makeup for the girls in these makeup games. Crystal wants to look good but also be comfortable with nice natural makeup. You can also add a hat, a bag or jewelry that will add to her look. If you like the site and all the free games why not make a link to in your blog! And recommend the site to all your friends by clicking on "Send to a friend."

Crystal goes to the shops

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